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How I Captured a Badger Under the Moon

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Following many weeks of planning, I finally managed to capture an image of a Badger sitting under the stars and a full moon during a visit to Scotland.

Badger captured by David using a Camtraptions device

Full Moon

After finding out when a full moon was forecast, I visited an area in Scotland that I know has active Badgers and I placed a Canon 6D and a Camtraptions (find out more here) device out on one of its well trodden paths in an attempt to capture this image.

Although the chances of having the moon and Badger in shot at the same time were slim, I thought the end result was worth the five hour drive north.

I set up the camera on bulb mode, and pre-focussed it on the area where the Badger would - I hope - walk using an aperture of F8 to increase the depth of field. I attached a single off-camera Yongnuo 600 flashgun using a TTL cable. I then set a 30 second long exposure on the Camtraptions device, which would capture the stars. The high speed flash would freeze the movement of the Badger.

I left the camera out all night. The next day I awoke early and, although I didn't really expect anything, I rushed out to see what I had caught on the Canon 6D. To my amazement, the shot was better than I had hoped and this image is the result.


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