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Arctic Fox Photography Tours


​Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is regarded as the most remote place in Europe as it has been completely uninhabited since the 1950's when farmers used to live there.

It is at the top of Iceland and is on the very edge of the Arctic Circle.

Although it is connected to mainland Iceland, it is impossible to reach due to the high mountainous regions that surround it so the only way of getting there is by sailing to it across the Atlantic Ocean.

Up until a few years ago it was only possible to go in summer as winter was considered too harsh, but we have teamed up with a boat operator in Iceland, who has gained permission from the Icelandic Environment Agency, allowing us to go in winter.

Hornstrandir is the home of Arctic Fox and it is thought up to 600 live there. And although it is not an island, you certainly feel like you are on one when there.

In winter, it is a very harsh environmeent with almost daily heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures that can dip to -20 degrees. And when you add the wind chill it can be a true arctic environment offering amazing photo opportunities.

To reach Hornstrandir, we will travel there and back by boat and zodiac. This video shows some clients leaving on the zodiac and climbing aboard the private boat that we use.

The remote but beautiful Hornstrandir during warmer months
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