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Arctic Fox Photography Tours

Arctic Fox Centre

The Arctic Fox Centre, which is based in Sudavik in the Westfjords of Iceland, exists to perform research into the country's only native mammal.

The centre also has a small cafe and gift shop and it runs educational tours to teach visitors all about the species, such as their diet, how they survive the cold, how well insulated they are and lots more.

We will be visiting the centre when we arrive in the area. We will probably meet director and manager Midge who usually gives the guided tour as well as answering any questions anyone has on the species and their habitat.

The centre also has two captive blue morph Arctic Fox, which were rescued, and will likely be your very first sighting of these stunning mammals.

Click HERE to visit the Arctic Fox Centre website.

Stephen Midgley, director of the Arctic Fox Centre in Iceland, talks about David's Photography Tours

Arctic Fox Centre...

One of David's images now has a permanent place on the wall in the Arctic Fox Centre - which forms part of the guided tour clients will go on to learn all about the species.
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