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Ellesmere Island Expedition Announced

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Arctic Wolf - Ellesmere Island

David has teamed up with Global Arctic Photographer of the Year winner Joshua Holko, a world renowned polar specialist, to co-lead an exciting expedition to Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic in 2022.

Joshua, who won the coveted prize in 2016, first inspired David to visit the remote Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the Arctic winter to work with Arctic Fox after releasing a video showing how brutal the conditions can get.

Joshua produced a video called Ghosts of the Arctic and National Geographic showed it on their world famous channel - video below:-


"I am very excited to be working alongside such a great photographer," David said. "Joshua's Arctic expeditions have been an inspiration and is someone whose work I greatly admire. Co-Leading a trip with him is something I am very much looking forward to."

Ellesmere Island is a frozen hostile world and, during the trip, clients and guides will endure temperatures as low as -50 degrees. The area offers an incredible array of wildlife including Arctic Wolf, Polar Bears, Musk Ox, Arctic Hares, Arctic Fox and more. The group will travel around this remote arctic desert on snowmobiles, while sleeping in tents.

You can take a look at the trip here and visit Joshua's website here.


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