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Arctic Fox Photography Tours

Where We Will Stay....

Accommodation and Food

On the first day we all fly into Isafjordur airport. When we land we will visit the Arctic Fox Centre for a guided tour and learn all about the Iceland's Arctic Fox.

We will then go for lunch in a beautiful traditional Icelandic bakery and then sail to Hornstrandir on a private boat.

Rustic Cabin in the Arctic

We will be picked up in a mini bus and taken to the boat where we will set sail across the atlantic ocean to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, this is a real adventure and should be viewed as such. It is extremely remote but the solitude is wonderfully liberating as you spend time in one of Iceland's most stunning locations with only other guests and Arctic Fox for company.

We will stay in a rustic cabin (see photo) but one that offers a running working loo (amazing considering the location), a working shower, a wood burning sauna, very basic heating and lighting. However, there is no internet and very little mobile phone reception. Texts and calls can sometimes be made, but should not be relied upon.

A wind turbine and back-up generator are also in place, giving you charging points for cameras, laptops etc.

Six bedrooms are available - but a single room cannot be guaranteed. It may be that you will have to share with someone of the same sex.

While on Hornstrandir, a cook will be on hand to make you beautiful home cooked food which can range from Icelandic fish to chocolate cake. Breakfasts, lunch and evening meals will be served.

All dietary requirements can be catered for, however, and will be asked upon booking. No alcohol is included in the price, but we can call at a store allowing you to pick some up for your trip to Hornstrandir.

When we return to the mainland, we will spend the night in a beautiful home and we will all go out for Icelandic Pizza. The following morning we will all enjoy breakfast before being transferred back to the airport to fly back to Reykjavik.


Potential Delays​


​Running a trip to the arctic circle in winter means delays are a possibility. Weather can be harsh causing the boat or flights to be delayed.


​We will all exchange mobile numbers before the trip so any issues can be resolved if bad weather causes delays.


​If we cannot leave Hornstrandir on the day of departure, you will get to spend further time there without any cost to you. As the weather changes so quickly there, however, this will rarely be for more than one day.​

Parts of the trip such as going out for pizza in a restaurant could also change if we need to move quickly such as boarding the boat or a flight before bad weather moves in.

David will advise you on booking flights etc so everything works out smoothly for the trip.

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