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Arctic Fox Photo Tours


In 2016, David began researching how he could visit Hornstrandir, at the top of Iceland on the edge of the Arctic Circle, to photograph Arctic Fox in winter.

In 2017, David made the solo trip there and this video shows him at work.

If you would like to visit Hornstrandir, regarded as the most remote place in Europe, and enjoy peace, tranquility and amazing photography then please register your interest.

Arctic Fox.......

In Iceland, Arctic Fox are the country's only native mammal. Although they are still hunted for their fur,  where David and Louise take clients they are legally protected from hunting and this makes them more trusting of humans. However, they are still wary and will run if any sudden movements are made.

This trust, however, gives you fantastic photography opportunities and will ensure clients go home with images they have always dreamed of.

Blue Morph Arctic Fox

Globally, the blue morph Arctic fox, which stays brown (even though it's called blue) throughout winter, is one of the world's rarest. For photography, they reveal the snow far better on their fur than white fox and are far more unique to photograph as they are such a rare sight.

In Canada, for example, only a very small proportion of Arctic Fox are this colour. But in Iceland, most Arctic Fox are blue but 30% are white and, on our trip, blue morph are virtually guaranteed. But, there is also a very good chance of seeing white Arctic Fox too.

Arctic Fox are very territorial and we will be located deep inside the territory of a pair of Arctic Fox. As well as being able to photograph the behaviour of this pair, there are often occasions when other fox make their way onto the territory (including white fox).

A blue morph Arctic Fox. Rare to see worldwide, but most common in Iceland
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